Crowns & Bridges

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Custom-Made Crowns and Bridges That Last

Do you have a gap in your teeth? Do you have a damaged or fractured tooth that needs to be protected? Then rely on A Touch of Class Dentistry to fix your smile with our crowns and bridges. We have permanent and semi-permanent solutions to improve the look and function of your teeth.

Professional Bridgework for Your Teeth

Bridges are dental appliances that can replace a section of your missing teeth that are barely noticeable. They can be removable or fixed, and they are sometimes known as fixed partial dentures. The bridge appliance is usually made of porcelain, gold alloys, or a combination of materials. Implant appliances are attached to an area below the gum tissue or bone to anchor the bridge between two healthy teeth.

Dependable Crowns to Protect Your Teeth

Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of porcelain, that are placed on top of a tooth to restore its appearance and function, as well as provide protection. Crowns also attach bridges, cover implants, and prevent cracked teeth from further damage. They can also restore a tooth to its natural color. With proper dental care, your crown can last upwards of eight years or longer.
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